This form allows you and every eligible member of your family to apply for membership in the Friends of Redtail Society. To be ratified as a member in good standing for 2019, this form and membership fees must be received no later than 5:00pm, Friday, March 15, 2019. Email applications are acceptable pending receipt of membership fees.

If you have trouble with the online form, please feel free to send your information by email to

Membership is encouraged and open to all who support and uphold the tenets of the Society and fall within the age requirements for membership:

The tenets of the Friends of Redtail Society are:

  • To organize and participate in environmental projects designed to preserve and protect forest land;
  • To educate and increase the public`s understanding of the environment and its importance by offering courses, seminars, conferences and meetings and by collecting and disseminating information on that topic; &
  • To conduct research relating to the environment and to disseminate the results of such research.

Members must be at least 13 years of age. Adult: 18 years and up $10; Youth: 13 – 18 years $5

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