Craig Chenell

Craig Chenell In Memoriam
Sorrow at the loss of an exceptional young man

The Board of Directors of Friends of Redtail Society wishes to express its deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Craig Adam Chenell. Craig died on June 24, 2009 near Stellarton, Nova Scotia at the age of 25 as a result of a tragic motor vehicle accident.

Billy MacDonald and Nova Poirier, both members of our Board, had a close relationship with Craig and express deep sadness at the loss of their young friend, whom they regarded as part of their family. Craig began to attend their nature education centre, Redtail Nature Awareness, nearly 14 years ago and established an enduring bond with Redtail and with the surrounding land. He also established lifelong friendships with other Redtail participants with whom he shared the bond of understanding the sacredness of nature. “Craig was a true nature lover,” says Billy MacDonald. “He understood and felt the intrinsic value of the forest and experienced his most peaceful moments in it.” As a young man, Craig maintained his relationship with Redtail, returning again and again to visit, lend a hand at camp or share his passion for the place with a loved one. He was generous of heart, always trying to find a way to be helpful.

Craig’s love and knowledge of the land translated into support for Friends of Redtail Society. “It was important to him to find his way to contribute to saving the forest,” says Nova Poirier. A licensed pilot, he had planned to raise money for the Society’s ShelteringForestsCampaign by raffling tickets for an air tour of Pictou County. The tickets were to be sold at Society’s Summer Market and Fair, planned for June 27, 2009. He died days before this event was to take place.

Friends of Redtail Society is greatly honored that the family has chosen this cause as a way of memorializing Craig’s love of nature. Once the land has been successfully acquired, the Society hopes to find a fitting way to pay him tribute. His connection will forever be felt on this land.

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